How To Invest


To purchase shares of the Fund, you must invest at least the minimum amount.

Minimum Investment To Open Account To Add To Account
Individual Investors ('A' Share Class)
Direct Regular Accounts $2,500 $500
Direct Retirement Accounts $2,500 $500
Automatic Investment Plan $2,500 $100
Gift Account for Minors $2,500 $5,000
Institutional Investors ('I' Share Class)
All Accounts $1 Million $1,000

Fund shares are redeemable on any business day by written request or by telephone.

Methods of Investing

1. Existing Clients
  • a.

    Clients currently at Schwab/US Trust or any other authorized distributor (that have agreements in place with IMST):

    1. SBH Funds should show up on Custodian's platform. No additional paperwork should be necessary.
  • b.

    Clients currently custodied at a non-authorized distributor:

    1. Clients will need to contact the Transfer Agent (UMB) either by Mail (see below), Telephone (see below), or Web (coming soon) and complete the necessary account application.
2. Prospective Clients
  • a.

    Invest in Funds via Mail – complete an account application and send to: SBH Funds – PO Box 2175, Milwaukee, WI 53201-2175

  • b.

    Invest in Funds via Telephone – call Transfer Agent at: 1-866-490-4999 (will need to complete account application)

  • c.

    SBH Website –